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11 photos of amazing gay dads and their kids for Father’s Day

Around the world, out and proud gay dads are becoming more and more commonplace. Here are just a handful

11 photos of amazing gay dads and their kids for Father’s Day
the_real_dads_of_melbourne | Instagram
Gay dads Michael and Jarrad Duggan-Tierney from Melbourne with son, Reid

Today, in many countries, more and more gay men are discovering that their dreams of parenthood can be realized. Men like those featured below…

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Husbands Frankie Nelson and BJ Barone (above) reading to son Milo their self-penned book, Milo’s Adventure. : ‘It explains surrogacy to kids and is a story how Milo became a part of our family told through his eyes,’ says BJ.

‘We were inspired to write the book after our birth photo went viral and politicians in Europe were using it illegally to support their campaigns against same sex families and surrogacy. So we wanted to help educate those people and show the world that all families are created differently and family is all about love!’

Juanito and daughter Y’zvel

Juanito and daughter Y’zvel

Texans Juanito Garcia (above), a full-time single dad and serving member of the military, and six-year-old daughter Y’zvel.

‘I’m truly blessed to have such a wonderful daughter who keeps me going. She’s the reason why I work so hard I want to make her proud and I want to give her everything I didn’t have!

‘It’s sometimes hard being a single parent but I wouldn’t change it for the world – she’s everything I need, she’s my purpose in life!’

Netherlands dads Peter and Jordan and their kids

Netherlands dads Peter and Jordan and their kids

Dads Peter and Jordan with one-year-old Ayden and eight-year-old Ayana, from Geleen in the Netherlands.

Caleb Anthony and Kordale Lewis (above) have four children and over 179,000 Instagram followers of their family life. They recently announced that a surrogate mom is expecting their fifth child. The baby is due in October.

David and Batiste and daughter

David and Batiste and daughter

Husbands David and Batiste, and their daughter, Inés. They live in Valencia, Spain, but also regularly visit Oslo in Norway: ‘Being parents is the most special present in our lives. We are parents thanks to the generosity of a surrogate woman. We love family life.’

Dads Steve and Cristian with son

Dads Steve and Cristian with son

Husbands Steve and Cristian: ‘Our little star is David, or Baby David to us,’ Cristian told GSN. ‘He is 2 and a half. He is upset with clocks and buses. He is very clever: he knows all the alphabet and can count to past 100. This is me boosting and bragging about him. We adopted David a couple of years ago, but I guess that is his story to tell one day.’

Ryan and Marcin with their son

Ryan and Marcin with their son

Houston dads Ryan and Marcin and son is Liam.

‘Honestly, the one thing we want to teach our son is the meaning of unconditional love – something all too often people in our community never get from their families,’ Ryan told GSN.

‘When we watched his birth, it felt like our hearts expanded more than we ever thought possible and every day when he looks up at us, it gets even bigger. Whether he’s gay, straight or other, becomes President or a garbage collector, our love and pride in him will never ever diminish.’

Jarrad and Michael Duggan-Tierney with their son

Michael and Jarrad Duggan-Tierney with their son

Follow the adventures of Michael and Jarrad Duggan-Tierney from Melbourne, Australia via their Instagram page.

‘Our, son, Reid, was born via International Surrogacy in India in 2010.’

And some more well-known faces…

Sleepy heads.

A photo posted by Ricky (@ricky_martin) on

Ricky Martin became a father to sons Valentino and Matteo in 2008. Ricky celebrated Father’s Day in 2015 by writing a moving letter to his twins, saying he was ‘incredibly grateful, honored and blessed,’ to be their father and, said that their love had given him, ‘the strength to live an honest life. A life of courage and transparency, which fills me with great pride and peace.’

A photo posted by Neil Patrick Harris (@nph) on

Neil Patrick Harris shares the parenting of children Harper and Gideon with husband David Burtka (above) – and the two have shared many photos on social media of their life together.

Film director, screenwriter and producer Lee Daniels with his adopted family, Clara and Liam. He told Out magazine in 2013 of the unusual circumstances of how he became a parent: after his brother was sent to prison.

‘He called and said, “I’m going to be there for a long time; I got this girl pregnant, she doesn’t want the kids, and I have a feeling she’s going to abandon them.” ’

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