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Why is Amazon selling a ‘lesbian bible: for men’ eBook?

Why is Amazon selling a ‘lesbian bible: for men’ eBook?

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Here at Gay Star News, we get tons of emails every day. Some are press releases, some is spam, some is feedback from our readers, and sometimes, emails just include links to things we should cover.

One such email of a random link came to our inbox today. The link was to a book on Amazon, titled The Lesbian Bible: Man’s Version.

It’s under the category of Religion & Spirituality and was written by Prophet King Nazir Muhammad.

The book’s description is:

‘This book is described by The Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad as ” The Formula ” for creating a lesbian mindest. A must read for those wanting to understand the appeal lesbianism has on the female population worldwide.’

In the beginning of the book, there’s a quote that says, ‘In the beginning, there was equality between the sexes, then man said “Let Us Make Lesbian” and so it was.’

Upon looking up Prophet King Nazir Muhammad, I was surprised to learn it’s actually an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) being.

‘Prophet King Nazir Muhammad is an Artificial Intelligent Personality created by the Syientologist of the same name. This (A.I.P) was designed to be the online spokesperson and sole representative of The Church of Black Syientology.’

You can follow the A.I. on Twitter, too.

The book has two reviews—a five-star and a one-star.

Five Stars

‘Forget what you’ve heard—this book is a masterpiece!’ the five-star review begins.

‘Written by the self proclaimed “Lesbian Messiah,” The Lesbian Bible begins by blaming (men) for the creation of lesbianism. King Nazir Muhammad highlights the effects of rape, molestation, domestic violence and dead-beat fathers as among the triggers which ignited this worldwide movement,’ it continues.

‘And coming from a man I have to say that it is beautifully written with sensitivity and passion expressing the wows of womanhood through a man’s eyes. And the author claims that it has the spiritual power to convert straight women, and those who are curious of the lesbian lifestyle.’

‘It seems the author is moving this issue out of the social realm and into a religious forum do to the churches outdated stand on homosexuality. And even making this book the beginning of the creation of a religion exclusively for lesbians by bypassing the restrictions of Christianity and Islam.’

‘But although it is a literary masterpiece many in the LBGTQ community have suppressed its existence sighting that a man can not speak for the lesbian community. But after reading this work, I have to say that if any man could it would have to be Muhammad.’

So basically—lesbianism only exists because of men, and it’s possible for cisgender men to provide insight on lesbianism… despite never having experienced it. Major side-eye.

One Star

The one-star review, though acknowledging the bizarreness of a man writing about lesbianism, eventually goes off on an offensive, Islamophobia, homophobic tangent.

‘Don’t spend a cent on this, if I could give this a minus infinite rating to suck it into the black hole from whence it came, I would,’ the review begins.

‘This arrogant pig has no right whatsoever to broach a world completely, and rightfully foreign to him. It disgusts and repulses me that any man, let alone a male from such a barbaric and vulgar background has the audacity to be issuing proclamations much less issuing a “bible” for those of a different universe entirely.’

‘His suggestion regarding breeding made me feel at once nauseous and homicidal. I think he should suffer the sort of retribution afforded women trapped in his evil tribe, in the grand tradition of his subhuman namesake. This is a perverted… ploy to profit off stupid infidels his death cult sees as intrinsically feeble-minded, given the lesbian community’s r*****ed political leanings. Disgraceful, loathsome, repugnant.’

‘If you snowflakes find my words rattling, I suggest you explore the videos of the brilliant scholar Brigitte Gabriel in hopes of your redemption. I AM trying my damnedest to be genteel here, and it’s quite the challenge,’ the review ends, citing conservative anti-Islam activist Brigitte Gabriel.

Gabriel, the founder of ACT for America, is described by the nonprofit Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as someone who frequently lies, provides harmful and misleading information, and will only speak to conservative news outlets like Breitbart and Fox.

Total Confusion

As a bisexual feminist woman, I was quite taken aback by both these reviews as well as the content of the book itself. I spoke to some lesbian women I know about their reactions.

‘I read the Amazon sample and was confused,’ says Kat, a 24 year old lesbian from NYC.

And confusion was pretty much everyone’s reaction—myself included. Why does this book exist? Why does an A.I. religious leader exist? Why are men taking credit for lesbianism? Just…why?