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Amazon sells gender-inclusive t-shirt — but only for men and women

Amazon sells gender-inclusive t-shirt — but only for men and women

Gender inclusive t-shirt

Amazon sells a different range of t-shirts featuring gender-inclusive slogans that only comes in ‘women’ and ‘men’ fit types.

The e-commerce giant promotes several tees with the message ‘There are more than two genders’, but customers can only select men and women sizes.

Twitter users have been pointed out the paradox, which seems to exclude those identifying as non-binary. Or worse, force them back into the gender binary in order to buy the t-shirt.

Moreover, other t-shirts with the same slogan are only available in men’s fits. The tees cost about $24.50 (£18.99, €21,45).

‘You couldn’t make this up’

‘Amazon selling “More than two Genders” T-shirt available in a Men’s or Women’s fit,’ one user said.

‘You couldn’t make this up.’

‘I went on amazon to buy a “there are more than 2 genders t-shirt” so when I found one I liked and I clicked “select fit type” there were only 2 fit types to chose from, men and women. Sad,’ another tweeted.

The number of gender-neutral clothing options is increasing

Gender-neutral clothing lines are on the rise.

In late 2018, Canadian singer Celine Dion released her own children’s fashion line Celinununu.

The company said in press release: ‘CELINUNUNU believes that fashion builds concepts deep within our minds and changes thought patterns.

‘It aims to free the forces of creativity and imagination in children, nurturing equality and flexibility of thought that enable kids to fully embrace who they are.

‘It encourages children’s choices to be driven by their own true essence. CELINUNUNU instills the concept that everything is possible, equally.’

While Celinununu children clothes are indeed gender-neutral, adults can only buy the t-shirt with the brand’s logo in men’s and women’s fits.

In 2016, Bespoke denim label Mother launched a new gender-neutral collection to help raise awareness around gender identity and LGBTI visibility.

GSN has reached out to Amazon for comment.

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