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Bisexual actor Amber Heard shares why she decided to come out

Bisexual actor Amber Heard shares why she decided to come out

Actor Amber Heard

Amber Heard, the bisexual actor currently starring in DC’s Aquaman movie, reveals the reason she decided to come out publicly.

She recently spoke to Italian newspaper IO Donna about her relationship with photographer Tasya van Ree. The couple was together from 2008 to 2012, before it ended and Heard married Johnny Depp.

While answering a question about making professional choices, Heard told the newspaper she has a ‘duty to give something back’.

Heard initially came out at GLAAD’s 25th anniversary event in 2010. Her relationship with Ree also became public then.

On this time period and decision, Heard said : ‘It was a period when my colleagues were increasingly demanding privacy and in the meantime being bisexual was considered a taboo.’*

She continued by stating that ‘to be silent about something means to admit underneath that that thing is wrong’.

She knew, however, it wasn’t wrong and that was why she came out. As her comments continued, Heard revealed being truth could ‘offer young people someone to recognize, since those of my generation had grown up without any model of reference’.

On Hollywood and Depp

In the interview, Heard also answered a question about whether or not Hollywood is really as liberal as it seems.

‘It is an industry full of fashionable people and noble ideals, but it does all the opposite of what it preaches,’ she said.

In further describing Hollywood, she said it often repeats all the same ideas based on what people approve. This, however, is not the way to go, Heard believes.

She continued: ‘We need to get in touch with different people, to go further, not to be the same as always.’

The newspaper also asked about Heard’s marriage to Depp, which ended after Heard accused him of domestic abuse. In the interview, she said that she learns from ‘battles and tribulations, more than from happy moments’.

After what she allegedly suffered, she also said she now walks ‘tall’ and ‘proudly’.

*All quotes are translated from Italian.

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