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Amber Rose on countries where sex toys are banned: ‘It’s a damn shame’

Amber Rose on countries where sex toys are banned: ‘It’s a damn shame’

Amber Rose

Model and actress Amber Rose has spoken out about the illegality of sex toys around the world, calling the ban ‘a damn shame.’

The star, who identifies as pansexual, said: ‘Sex and pleasure are part of the human experience.’

The American moreover told GSN: ’I understand that the culture I come from is more open about publicly speaking about and seeing sex toys than most.

‘But, who doesn’t love the satisfaction and euphoria of an orgasm? That’s a universal experience.’

Sex toys are currently illegal in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, the Maldives and India.

Tourists visiting such countries with sex toys in their luggage also risk arrest.

Amber Rose | Photo: LELO

‘I never carry them on the airplane’

Asked to share her sex toy travel tips, Amber said: ‘I never carry them on the airplane. I check them in.’

The actress, who recently partnered with LELO to create the Tiana Amber Rose Gold couples’ massager, also said: ‘Have I ever had security issues traveling with sex toys? No, not that I can think of.

‘I love my LELOs because there is a travel-safe mode on them. It makes sure your toy doesn’t turn on in your luggage.’

Finally, asked how she feels about the future of the sex toy industry, and the humanization of sex toys via artificial intelligence, Amber said: ‘I think it’s amazing. Whatever makes you feel comfortable is what you should go with.’

Amber has appeared on TV shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race, America’s Next Top Model and Dancing With the Stars. She also fronted The Amber Rose Show.