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American poll puts ’religious liberty’ over LGBTI rights

American poll puts ’religious liberty’ over LGBTI rights

The latest poll gauging support for gay rights in America tells us religious beliefs are still valued over LGBTI people.

The poll asked Americans a familiar scenario: should a Christian wedding photographer be forced to work at gay wedding if asked or should they have the right to say no?

It found 82% of those polled said ‘yes’ and they should have the choice.

Another 10% said ‘no’ and the remaining number weren’t sure.

The full question read: ‘Suppose a Christian wedding photographer has deeply held religious beliefs opposing same sex marriage. If a same sex couple wanted to hire the photographer for their wedding, should the photographer have the right to say no?’, as reported in the Washington Examiner.

A more direct question asked which was most important: ‘Protecting religious liberty or gay and lesbian rights’?’

Almost a third (31%) said protecting religious liberty and only 8% said the same for gay rights.

The poll was conducted by Caddell Associates led by well-known US pollster Patrick Caddell.

The Washington Examiner quoted Patrick Caddell as saying: ‘When asked which was more important, by a 4 to 1 ratio, voters said protecting religious liberty (31 percent) over protecting gay and lesbian rights (8 percent).’

There have been a number of recent controversies around the rights of businesses to refuse LGBTI customers.

A pizzeria in Indiana said it would not provide pizza for a gay wedding and was criticized on social media.

In Louisiana, a bakery refused to cater to a lesbian wedding due to the owner’s Catholic beliefs.

The poll found that two thirds (68%) said that government should not be able to force any business to provide custom to someone against their religious beliefs.