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An anti-Pride emoji has appeared and people are not happy about it

An anti-Pride emoji has appeared and people are not happy about it

three emojis over a grey background which all feature a small pride flag with a black strikethrough symbol through it

Twitter users reacted with confusion and anger after an anti-Pride emoji appeared on the social media site. An emoji is a small icon that displays emotions or ideas in electronic communication.

The emojis appears as a pride flag with a strike through symbol over the flag. The symbol only appears on mobile devices, on desktops the anti-Pride emoji looks like the strike through fused side by side with a rainbow flag.

Twitter users were quick to accuse emoji creators, Unicode, of creating a homophobic emoji. Unicode is responsible for defining which emojis make onto all platforms, including iPhones, Android devices, and computers. It recently announced it would introduce gender neutral and same-sex couples emojis.

‘Why is this anti pride emoji a thing. I’ve never been so confused,’ wrote one Twitter user.

A glitch in the Unicode

But after a few hours of outrage it became clear the anti-Pride happened because of a Unicode glitch. One Twitter user found that the glitch allowed people to overlap certain emojis. He immediately used it to put the strikethrough symbol over the pride flag, even though he identifies as gay himself.

Once other Twitter users realized various symbols could be spliced, they started getting creative.

But homophobes also caught wind of the glitch and used it to spread anti-gay sentiment.

One Twitter user noticed that although the glitch allowed people to fuse different emojis, the anti-Pride flag emoji was the most popular.