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Would you live in a skyscraper suspended from space?

Would you live in a skyscraper suspended from space?

A New York architecture office has designed a skyscraper which is suspended from space

Skyscrapers are ambitious projects by nature, but one architecture studio is taking them to new heights.

Clouds Architecture Office is a New York City architecture firm founded by Masayuki Sono and Ostap Rudakevych.

They designed the Analemma Tower, which inverts the classical skyscraper by being suspended it from space, rather than standing on firm ground.

Yes, you read that right. They essentially want to build a very tall tower dangling from space.

Of course there’s more to it than that.

The Analemma Tower would be suspended on a high-strength cable from an asteroid.

It is also a proposal to build the world’s tallest building of all times.

The designers are calling for Analemma to be constructed over Dubai, because they are specialists at tall buildings, but come at a fifth of the cost of New York City.

‘We were thinking, one night, just looking at the moon – what if you could just drop a cable from the moon and support a tower from a cable that was supported by the moon,’ Rudakevych told the BBC.

‘The moon is pretty far away, so maybe we could place a smaller object that wouldn’t have a big effect on the earth, like a small asteroid.’

Analemma Tower would be suspended from an asteroid
Analemma Tower would be suspended from an asteroid Cloud AO

The asteroids would feature something called geosynchronous orbit, which matches earth’s sidereal rotation period of one day.

It would trace a figure-8 in the sky, which means Analemma would be traveling from the northern to the southern hemisphere and back over the course of a day.

But because of this technology, it would also be able to return to the same spot every day.

It’s calibrated so Analemma’s slowest trajectory would occur over New York City.

Manipulating asteroid sounds a lot like the stuff from science fiction movies, but the European Space Agency is working on making it possible.

Inside, Analemma is split into various areas.

From the residential areas, located fairly towards the middle of Analemma, you’d get a stunning view of Earth from above.

The tower is also designed in a way that would be mostly self-sufficient, so you don’t have to leave for most things.

The very bottom would house dining, shopping and entertainment; just above it would be a transfer station, for those who want to feel ground under their feet ever so often.

Offices, business and commercial spaces occupy the levels above that and enjoy two extra minutes of daylight.

Above that is an area for gardens and agriculture, and above that are the residential areas.

At the top, where you get 42 minutes of extra daylight but outside temperatures are also at -40 Celsius, is a funerary, followed by a reliquary and places of worship.

Connecting them to the residential areas is a monument.

So far, the project is only speculative, but in the future it might just become true.