And the country that watches the most gay porn is…

And the country that watches the most gay porn is...

Kenya is the country that Googles the most gay porn.

According to Google’s search rankings Kenya tops the list, with searches for ‘gay sex pics’ and ‘gay porn pics’ outranking the same search conducted by people in Western countries.

South Africa is second, followed by Pakistan and Nigeria.

This is when 92% of Kenyans claim to believe that homosexuality is ‘unacceptable’. Gay sex is punishable with up to 14 years in jail.

In recent months, some lawmakers have been calling for a Uganda-style anti-homosexuality bill to toughen up the law.

Denis Nzioka, Kenya gay rights activist, said there’s ‘nothing surprising about this’.

‘[It shows] countries with the highest intolerance for gay people have the highest numbers of people searching gay terms online,’ he added.

The top 10:

10. Canada
9. United Kingdom
8. United States
7. Australia
6. Philippines
5. India
4. Pakistan
3. Nigeria
2. South Africa
1. Kenya