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Andrea Di Giovanni on feel-good single Bang and Manchester Pride controversy

Andrea Di Giovanni on feel-good single Bang and Manchester Pride controversy

Andrea Di Giovanni

Gay, gender-fluid artist Andrea Di Giovanni returns with a Bang.

After Forbidden Love, which he dedicated to LGBTI people persecuted in Chechnya, the Italian-born, London-based singer has dropped a new single.

His new track Bang is a feel-good, unapologetic club banger that reminds listeners to drop their inhibitions.

Bang is a song about owning who you are, strutting down the streets feeling your oats and loving yourself to the max,’ he told GSN.

‘When writing it with Tylr Rydr and Arion Haze, we imagined being in the club, dancing, flirting, having fun and we wanted to capture this kind of vibe in the song.’

Music has set Di Giovanni free

a person standing at a microphone singer in white top and puffy silver jacket, their hands are up near their face
Andrea Di Giovanni wrote Forbidden Love about the atrocities happening in Chechnya | Photo: Spencer Cooper

Finalist of UK-based LGBTI talent contest Pride’s Got Talent, Di Giovanni says his art helped him come to terms with his sexuality and come out.

‘My artistic life is so incredibly connected with my personal life. Music has always reflected how I truly felt inside. Through music, I felt free to express myself without boundaries or needing to hide, even when I wasn’t that confident. Music has been that best friend that never left my side, and today I still feel the same about it,’ he says.

‘I’ve always hated the term coming out because truthfully, the only person that we need to come out to is ourselves,’ he points out.

‘For me, the whole thing means that you, as a queer person, have managed to overcome the big battle against shame and self-acknowledgment. You are ready to finally own your life,’ he also adds.

Pride organizers are exploiting the LGBTI community

Andrea Di Giovanni.
Andrea Di Giovanni. | Photo: Vevo/YouTube

The singer recently made headlines for his comments on Ariana Grande performing at Manchester Pride.

Grande will headline Manchester’s music festival next August. Tickets more than doubled in price, fueling the ongoing debate on whether it’s right to turn Prides into festivals with big names.

After the announcement, Di Giovanni called out ‘the straight cis white-washing of Pride celebrations’.

‘I’m not against Ariana, although there have been controversial behaviors that in her case it’s somewhat forgiven… I’m fighting Pride organizers and their capitalist way of exploiting a celebration of our community just to make money.’

He furthermore adds: ‘You want Ariana to headline your Pride so you can sell £75 tickets to her fans and turn the whole thing into Ariana’s gig, not Pride.’

‘The same thing happened last year with Britney Spears at Brighton Pride. Also, how about giving a headline spot to a queer POC like Janelle Monáe for example? In this worrying times for all minorities, it would have sent such a great message. But, hey, better have money, right?’

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