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Andreja Pejic becomes first trans model to be profiled in Vogue

Andreja Pejic becomes first trans model to be profiled in Vogue

Andreja Pejic has made history by becoming the first transgender model to be profiled in US Vogue.

The May edition of the magazine features a four-page photo shoot and interview with the 23-year-old, who took to Instagram to share her excit ement.

‘If at the beginning of my career in the modeling industry or half way through it or even this time last year you told me that I would end up having a 4 page feature in AMERICAN VOGUE I would have probably told you "oh I dunno about that! That might be a bit difficult to achieve in the near future,"’ she wrote.

‘In fact I was told by various people many times over that the chances of me ending up on these pages were slim to none. So you can only imagine what I’m feeling right now!

Pejic, who was born in what is now Bosnia-Herzegovina, was discovered in 2007 while working at a McDonald’s in Melbourne, Australia. The scout didn’t know if she was a boy or a girl, just that she looked like a model.

Three years later and she was walking in both the men’s and women’s shows for Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris.

Pejic underwent gender reassignment surgery last year but said several people warned her that transitioning might jeopardize her career

‘There was definitely a lot of "Oh, you’re going to lose what’s special about you. You’re not going to be interesting anymore. There are loads of pretty girls out there,"’ she told the magazine.

One agent told her, ‘It’s better to be androgynous than a tranny.’

But Vogue noted that gender fluidity was both dominating the runways and inspiring political debate,

‘There are just more categories now,’ Pejic said. ‘It’s good. We’re finally figuring out that gender and sexuality are more complicated’ 

This year, she will appear as a face of Make Up For Ever, making her one of the first transgender models to score a significant beauty campaign.