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‘I’m not gay no more’ internet star sues anti-gay Kim Burrell

‘I’m not gay no more’ internet star sues anti-gay Kim Burrell

Andrew Caldwell shot to fame when he declared he was 'delivered' of homosexuality

An internet star claims he has sued anti-gay pastor and gospel singer Kim Burrell.

In 2014 Andrew Caldwell shot to internet fame after he passionately declared ‘I’m not gay no more’ in a video.

In the clip, he also says he had been ‘delivered’ from homosexuality and was now straight and ‘I will not carry a purse, I will not wear makeup’.

In a new video, originally a Facebook live stream, the sensation now claims he is suing Burrell, after she apparently mentioned his name in her anti-gay church sermon.

On 31 January, news Burrell had gone on a rant during a sermon, saying ‘that perverted, homosexual spirit is a spirit of delusion’.

During the sermon, the pastor and famous gospel singer also claimed all gay people were likely to die in 2017.

Her anti-gay comments cost Burrell her job of hosting radio show Bridging the Gap and also saw her axed from appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show alongside Pharrell Williams.

Now it looks like Burrell might find herself with a lawsuit, too, for apparently using Caldwell’s name.

In her sermon, she mentioned his ‘deliverance’ from homosexuality and called it ‘a mockery of the church’.

But Caldwell isn’t having it.

‘I will see you in court, 23 January. I have hit you with a lawsuit, cease and desist. You are not welcome to the ‘Church of God in Christ’ convention center,’ he said in a vidoe.

‘If I am anywhere in that building, 5,000 feet to 500 feet, you will be arrested. You mention my name, I hit you with papers.

‘You blast me, I blast you.’

He also came to the defense of Bishop Eddie Long, who was known for his anti-gay views and accused of child sexual abuse.

Watch Caldwell’s full video below: