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Andy Cohen gets Anderson Cooper to dish about face-off with Pam Bondi

Andy Cohen gets Anderson Cooper to dish about face-off with Pam Bondi

Anderson Cooper confronts Pam Bondi over anti-gay record

Leave it to Andy Cohen to get the dish.

The Bravo television personality appeared at a recent AC2 benefit show with pal Anderson Cooper in Orlando last week and wanted to know about the CNN’s famous on-air clash with Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi.

The openly gay CNN anchor had asked Bondi if she thought it was hypocritical to be speaking in support of the LGBTI community in the wake of a mass shooting inside a gay nightclub in Orlando when she had fought so hard against same-sex marriage in her state.

‘She knew it didn’t go particularly well,’ Cooper told Cohen and the crowd at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

‘We ended up shaking hands and she said she thought I didn’t think I liked her and I said, “I have no personal feelings about you whatsoever.” It’s not my job to go out to dinner and go out and be friends with people I’m covering.’

‘I tried to be as respectful as possible and let her talk about what she wanted to talk about and when the list of things she actually could talk about were limited.

‘Clearly she wasn’t happy with how it all ended up but that’s okay.’

Cooper and Anderson have spent some of their weekends touring the US with their AC2 show during which they interview each other and take questions from the audience.

All proceeds raised from the 30 June Orlando show benefit the OneOrlando Fund. The purpose of the Fund is to provide much needed support to the victims of the Pulse tragedy and their families.