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‘Everything has changed’ since becoming a father, says Andy Cohen

‘Everything has changed’ since becoming a father, says Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen

In the lead up to Father’s Day, Andy Cohen had a few thoughts to share.

Since welcoming his son, Benjamin, earlier this year, Cohen says his life has changed completely.

The star of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live opened up about how his life has transformed while appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Cohen appeared alongside Meyers sporting a St. Louis Blues jersey following the ice hockey team’s recent Stanley Cup win.

‘Everything has changed,’ Cohen told Meyers. ‘It’s amazing. He’s a little lovebug.’

This included a lot of shifts in his traveling habits.

‘I used to be Mr. Summer […] I was a mobile unit – I could go anywhere, light as a feather, flip flops…’ Cohen said.

But after driving flashy convertibles for years, Cohen says that fatherhood has seen him investing in a safer, more sensible SUV to ‘schlep all the [baby] stuff’.

‘I’m a soccer mom!’ he said.

Cohen also shared a photo of his son grabbing his nose while they were on an airplane.

‘Pro tip: Dad’s nose is capable of endless hours of entertainment! I had no clue!! #onedayatatime,’ he wrote on Instagram.


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Pro tip: Dad’s nose is capable of endless hours of entertainment! ✈️ I had no clue!! #onedayatatime

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‘My surrogate was a great gift to me’

The 51-year-old TV host announced the birth of Benjamin on Instagram in February, after his son was carried to term by a surrogate.

Since then, they have appeared together on the front cover of People magazine.

Since Benjamin’s birth, Cohen has become a staunch supporter of surrogacy. He used an organization that helps find egg donors and surrogates in California, as it’s still illegal to do so in his home state of New York.

Cohen has hinted that he might make the move into politics if a bill which would legalize paid surrogacy in New York is passed.

‘My surrogate was a great gift to me. She gave me the ultimate gift,’ he said in the interview with People magazine.

‘I want New Yorkers to be able to have access to that and not have to travel across the country like I did.

‘Thankfully, I had the means to do it. But some people can’t afford that. People should have that access in New York.’

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