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Andy Cohen says his own ‘gorgeous penis’ drove decision to circumcise son

Andy Cohen says his own ‘gorgeous penis’ drove decision to circumcise son

Andy Cohen with his newborn son, Benjamin

Andy Cohen admitted circumcising his son was an easy choice because his own ‘gorgeous penis‘ inspired him.

On the Howard Stern show in New York on Wednesday (27 February), Andy spoke candidly about his son’s circumcision.

‘He is circumcised,’ the gay talkshow host admitted, ‘I have a gorgeous, circumcised penis and I want him to have the same.’

The Bravo star also revealed singer John Mayer visited him in hospital days after his son’s birth.

Other visitors to pay their respect include Anderson Cooper.

Like any proud father, Cooper has been posting baby pics to his Instagram too.


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I could stare at @bravoandy’s son all day long. And i sort of want to be swaddled too. photo by @bravoandy

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Mother will ‘not be involved’

On the show, Cohen spoke about life as a father.

He welcomed his son, Benjamin, into the world on 4 February.

He said he and baby Benjamin are ‘falling in love with each other and getting to know each other.’

Cohen said he is enjoying spending nights at home with his son.

When Stern asked if the mother will be involved in Benjamin’s life, Cohen said the ‘egg donor will not be involved.’

A match made in heaven?

Host Stern told show writer Chris Wilding he could set him up with the Love Connection host.

‘You need an older guy,’ Howard told Wilding, ‘would you date Andy Cohen?’

Wilding replied: ‘Oh my God, of course!’

That’s when Cohen tweeted he was on route to the studio to ‘get a good look’ at Chris.

When two tops collide

‘Chris is very funny,’ Cohen told Howard once he arrived in the studio.

‘I looked at his Twitter profile. He’s Canadian. I will say Canadians have nice penises, I don’t know if you knew that.’

But while the pair clicked on air, a potential problem arose: ‘When two tops meet.

‘It’s very problematic,’ Wilding said, ‘you’re getting, like, a virgin bride over here.’

But to Cohen, a self-proclaimed ‘power top,’ it was no deal-breaker, who found the revelation of Wilding’s preference ‘exciting.’

However, Cohen admitted he’s not down to date right now as he ‘just had a newborn’ but will hire a babysitter and grab a drink with Wilding sometime.

People magazine

Earlier this month, Cohen revealed his baby boy on the cover of People magazine.

In the accompanying interview, Cohen said his newborn ‘really delivered’ on the hair front.

Cohen revealed he even ‘cut the umbilical cord’ himself.

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