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Andy Mientus perfectly schools biphobic troll

Andy Mientus perfectly schools biphobic troll

Actor Andy Mientus has always been open about being bisexual

Andy Mientus has brilliantly schooled someone who said you’re either gay or straight.

On Thursday (19) the The Flash actor, who’s currently traveling across the US with hit musical Wicked’s National Tour, posted a picture in support of the Ghostlight Project.

In it, Mientus holds a sign saying: ‘I am an out, bisexual (seriously) theater-maker.

‘I fight for diversity in ALL its forms, in all aspects of theater-making (casting, creative, administrative), as a means to evaluate underrepresented voices.’

#ghostlightproject #BeALight

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And as nearly always when someone talks about being bisexual, there’s that one person spouting biphobic nonsense.

‘Bisexuality don’t [sic} exist,’ a user by the name of ahmedkillzone commented.

‘People are gay or straight if he in a relationship with a man he is gay this how I see it.’

But Mientus, who’s always been very open about being bisexual and not, as some are quick to presume, a gay man who doesn’t dare come out, wouldn’t have it.


‘Are you devoid of sexuality when you are single,’ he answered.

‘Are people only gay or straight if they are in relationships? Furthermore, have you ever considered that (gasp) not all relationships are monogamous?’

His fans were on his side, with many saying the actor had helped them come to terms with their own sexuality.

Others praised him for not just sticking up for the B in LGBTI, but also for looking beyond monogamy.

‘I didn’t think you could earn more points from me (loud bi rep, pagan, have been in several of my fave musicals),’ one user wrote.

‘But the defense of nonmonogamy just earns you extra.’