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Angelina Jolie 'mortified' by Brad Pitt's mom over anti-gay letter

Tomb Raider star reportedly tells partner Brad Pitt to 'educate' his mom Jane over gay marriage slam

Angelina Jolie 'mortified' by Brad Pitt's mom over anti-gay letter

Angelina Jolie was reportedly ‘mortified’ after her future mother-in-law wrote a letter slamming gay marriage.

The Hollywood superstar, who along with partner Brad Pitt has long been a staunch supporter of LGBT rights, has asked her fiance to ‘educate’ his mother Jane Pitt over homophobic right-wing comments she made to a local newspaper, sources told Star magazine, reports Radaronline.

In the letter to the editor of the Springfield News-Leader, Jane slammed same-sex marriage, abortion and Obama, urging Christians to vote for Republican opponent Mitt Romney.

‘Jane has never wanted to talk politics with Angelina,’ a source told Star magazine.

‘She knew it would cause greater issues for them and she wanted to try to have a relationship with the mother of her grandkids. She never thought her letter would be such a big deal.’

Brad has so far remained silent but his brother Doug addressed the controversy on Monday (9July), saying ‘moms and dads and kids agree to disagree’.

However, despite Doug’s attempts to defuse the situation the family feud refused to die down and Angelina’s dad Jon Voight came to the defence of Jane Pitt after she received death threats on Twitter.

Insiders told Star magazine that the Tomb Raider star’s outrage at Jane’s views will end in a ‘huge blowout’.

A source said: ‘Angelina will have to take matters into her own hands and talk to Jane about how, as the mother of such a prominent, she shouldn’t be writing letters that clash with her son’s personal opinions.’

‘Brad keeps telling her not to take this so seriously, but when Angie sets her mind on something, there’s no talking her out of it,’ the insider added.

Brad Pitt has long been a staunch straight ally in the fight for LGBT equality. He contributed $100,000 to the campaign to defeat California’s Proposition 8 in 2008 and when same-sex marriage was passed in New York last year, he spoke out in favor of a federal measure.

He was also in the cast of the Los Angeles production of 8, the play by Dustin Lance Black about the trial that resulted in the overturning of Proposition 8.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had previously said they would only ‘consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able.’

But now that their six children are growing older, the superstar couple has decided to walk down the aisle even though marriage equality has not been fully achieved, Pitt’s manager confirmed on 13 April.

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