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Anglican bishops to boycott once in a decade event over same-sex couples

Anglican bishops to boycott once in a decade event over same-sex couples

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Anglican bishops plan to boycott a major conference over gay bishops. That’s even though their same-sex spouses have already been banned from attending.

Members of GAFCON (Global Anglican Future Conference), a conservative faction of the Anglican Church said they planned to boycott next year’s Lambeth Conference.

The Lambeth Conference is a once in a decade meeting of active bishops of member churches of the Anglican Church. The 2020 conference runs from 23 July to 2 August.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby tried to appease the conservative factions when he banned same-sex partners from attending.

But that was not enough for the anti-LGBTI faction who want all gay bishops banned, according to a report in Premier.

Archbishop Foley Beach chairs the GAFCON Primates Council and explained why the are not happy with gay bishops attending. He said it violated the Lambeth Doctrine which states the church does not endorse same-sex relationships.

‘They’ve changed the discussion to inviting the partners of the gay bishops when the issue is the bishops themselves. So, the Lambeth conference is in itself in violation of Lambeth 98 1.10 itself by having these bishops in homosexual marriages coming to the conference. So, what are we to do with that?’ he recently said.

‘The primates have written a letter to Archbishop Justin and we’ll see how he responds’.

But pro-LGBTI bishops will also stage their own form of protest. Bishop of Liverpool Paul Bayes along with several others, have said they would not bring their opposite sex partners to the bishop in a sign of solidarity for their gay peers.