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Bachelor in Paradise accused of ‘queerbaiting’ by angry viewers

Bachelor in Paradise accused of ‘queerbaiting’ by angry viewers

Two photos. First of blonde woman kissing someone with long brown hair whose back is facing the camera. Second it's a profile shot of the two people kissing and the brunette is revealed to be a bearded man.

Just weeks after being celebrated for starring the first openly queer contestant, Bachelor in Paradise Australia is under fire for queerbaiting viewers.

Bachelor in Paradise is a reality show which bring former contestants together from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The contestants are sent to a tropical location to try and find love with each other.

In the lead up to the latest season, Network Ten which airs Bachelor in Paradise, teased audiences with a clip of bisexual contestant Megan Marx kissing a brunette with long hair.

‘She’s absolutely gorgeous, she’s definitely my type of girl,’ Marx said in the promo, while footage of fellow contestant Elora Murger played.

That’s when the promo clip then cut to the steamy hot tub kiss.

Many presumed Marx was kissing a female contestant, but it last night’s episode the mystery brunette turned out to be Canadian contestant Thomas Perras.


People watching the last night’s show were not happy with Network Ten for teasing a potential same-sex kiss in the promo. Viewers were quick to accuse the network of queerbaiting.

One of the definitions of queerbaiting is the ‘practice to hint at, but not actually depict, a same-sex romantic relationship between characters in a work of fiction, mainly in film or television. The potential romance may be ignored, explicitly rejected or made fun of.’

People are mad

Viewers were mad that Network Ten used Marx’s sexuality to lure in a bigger audience. Many LGBTI people were disappointed they’d been given a false hope that they might see a queer love story on commercial television.