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Anna Paquin was not surprised by ‘hateful’ backlash after she came out as bisexual

Anna Paquin was not surprised by ‘hateful’ backlash after she came out as bisexual

True Blood star Anna Paquin did not have some grand PR plan when she came out as bisexual in 2010.

A few months before her marriage to co-star Stephen Moyer she had agreed to participate in Cyndi Lauper’s Give A Damn public service campaign and through this, she went public.

While she received much support from the LGBTI community, the Oscar winning actress (The Piano) told HuffPost Live this week that she was not surprised by the hostile reaction of others.

‘There’s people who are probably going to go to their grave thinking whatever they think about the LGBT community – that’s their problem, not mine.

‘I know there are a lot of hateful people in the world who have strong opinions. You know when you stick your neck out on certain topics that some people are going to go "Yay!" and some people are going to say some of the most vile things that you can imagine.’

Since her public coming out, Paquin and Moyer have become the parents of twins and she says her husband was well aware of her bisexuality before the marriage.

Despite the negative reactions of some, Paquin has not stopped speaking out about LGBTI pride. Last month she posted a message on her Twitter account which read: ‘Proud to be a happily married bisexual mother. Marriage is about love not gender.’

She tells HuffPost Live: ‘The reason that I feel like it’s important to talk about this is stuff is that the more normal and mundane and boring this stuff becomes, the better it’s going to be for everyone who is part of our community.’