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Anna Wintour reveals why she hired a guy wearing a dress ‘on the spot’

Anna Wintour reveals why she hired a guy wearing a dress ‘on the spot’

Anna Wintour at her desk.

Fashion editor and icon Anna Wintour has blessed the world with her tips on how to smash a job interview.

In the latest episode of Go Ask Anna dated 4 March, the fashion queen gave style advice to all aspiring interviewees applying for jobs at Vogue.

If you were thinking to buy something for the occasion, you might want to think twice.

‘It’s so interesting to me how people dress when they come in for interviews,’ Wintour says.

‘Sometimes you feel they’re wearing clothes that they just bought that morning or maybe the night before, and not something that in any way suits their personality and who they are.’

‘We’re not hiring your wardrobe,’ says Wintour

‘I think what everyone should remember, whether they’re interviewing at Vogue or indeed anywhere, that we’re not hiring your wardrobe,’ she continues.

‘Your wardrobe is not going to be doing the job for you, it’s who you are.’

Wintour then reveals whether there had been an applicant to whom she gave a job ‘on the spot’ for his sense of style.

‘I’ll always remember a young man who came in in a dress and a handbag, and I gave him the job on the spot,’ she says.

‘You have to dress for yourself. I think it doesn’t do yourself a service to fake it.’

A fluid approach to fashion

Asked about the gender boundaries in fashion, Wintour seems to believe in a gender-fluid approach to clothing.

‘I do not believe that men and women should have separate rules,’ she says.

‘I think that if a man chooses to wear a dress, that’s great, and women have certainly been wearing men’s suits for a very long time.’

‘The boundary should cross over, we should celebrate that. Of course, fashion has to change, it’s about change, this is what this industry is,’ she adds.

Furthermore, she continues: ‘If somebody wants to show men mixed with women or totally a gender-fluid collection and they want to show it in Tokyo in January or June, what difference does it make? Everybody has to follow the path that they feel is right for them.’

Watch the full clip below:

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