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On the eve of the anniversary of David Bowie’s death, RuPaul shares a photo of them

On the eve of the anniversary of David Bowie’s death, RuPaul shares a photo of them

David Bowie

Tomorrow is two years since the death of singer and icon Davie Bowie.

Many people are sharing their memories of Bowie, and the impact he left on them.

One of those people happenes to be RuPaul, who shared a delightful photo on Twitter on Monday (8 January).

It’s photo of Bowie, his wife Iman, and RuPaul at a dinner party in 1997.

According to RuPaul, he had a pretty strong reaction to meeting the singer: ‘I was calm cool collected, but shortly after, I quietly left to go down the street to scream & cry.’

A pretty normal response to meeting David Bowie, honestly.

RuPaul followed up the tweet with several more featuring photos, quotes, and lyrics of Bowie’s.

Remembering Bowie

Bowie died on 10 January 2016, after being diagnosed with liver cancer 18 months prior. He passed away two days after his 69th birthday.

Fans across the world created shrines to the late singer and album sales soared in the months following.

Other people — fans, musicians, and beyond — have also been remembering the singer between his birthday and anniversary of his death.

Singer Amanda Palmer teamed with Al Gore for a tribute to him last February.

Rocker Jeff Beck also paid tribute.

Iain Armitage dressed up as the singer.

His son, filmmaker Duncan Jones, also shared moving words about his father.

First, he shared a clip of the great silent actor Buster Keaton, apparently one of the singer’s favorites.

Then he shared his own thoughts and feelings on the day.

‘Dad lived ten lives in the years he had!’ he enthused. ‘There are many lessons he taught me, but todays [sic] most important one is this; don’t beat yourself up. Ever. Learn, pick yourself up, & go do something new & brave!’