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Another Joan Crawford smackdown

This episode of Joansmacked takes aim at defender of anti-gay pastor Charles Worley

Another Joan Crawford smackdown

Back in January, we posted one of the funniest videos we’d seen in a long time.

It was from Gay Carrington who mixed footage of Rick Santorum sharing some anti-gay views during an interview to Chris Wallace of Fox News with Joan Crawford suddenly entering the frame.

She gives Santorum a few well-timed slaps then just starts slapping him silly.

This latest episode of “Joansmacked” has Mommie Dearest giving some well-deserved smacks to a woman who goes to the North Carolina church of Charles L. Worley, a man who during a sermon earlier this month advocated putting gays and lesbians behind an electric fence until they all die off.

Anderson Cooper interviews the woman on CNN and remains polite throughout their conversation.

We can’t say the same for Miss Crawford!

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