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Another transgender woman stabbed to death in Chicago

Another transgender woman stabbed to death in Chicago

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A transgender woman was stabbed to death in Chicago on Wednesday (3 October), making it the 22nd trans woman to have died in the US this year.

Ciara Minaj Carter Frazer was pronounced dead at the scene after suffering multiple stab wounds in the backyard of an abandoned building, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Police are yet to apprehend the man, who she was believed to have been arguing with inside the building.

LaSaia Wade, who is the executive director of Chicago trans organization Brave Space Alliance, told the paper: ‘It feels like we are being targeted.

‘I’m frustrated and upset with the lack of cases turning around. There is a lack of [concern for] our safety from police.’

Trans murder epidemic in the US

2018 is another epidemic year for murders of trans people in the US.

In August, two trans women were murdered in Chicago’s South Side.

Vontashia Bell, 18, from Louisiana and Dejanay Stanton, 24, from Chicago, were found with a gunshot to the head.

Residents vowed to make sure the women did not ‘die in vain’. The Louisiana Trans Advocates group said that they must mourn the deaths, but ‘we must double down our efforts to ensure that all trans people across the state have access to jobs, education, housing, and safe neighbourhoods.’

In a statement, they continued: ‘Violence against trans people, particularly against trans women, is a plague that continues to affect our cities and communities across the state. City and state leadership must work together with the trans community to curb this violence.’

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