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Anthony Ogogo has perfect reply to haters after officiating his queer sister’s wedding

Anthony Ogogo has perfect reply to haters after officiating his queer sister’s wedding

Anthony Ogogo officiates the wedding of his sister 'a la, Joey [from Friends] | Pictures: Both from Twitter (@AnthonyOgogo)

Retired boxer Anthony Ogogo wasn’t the least phased when he faced his least-challenging opponent yet; a group of over 100 homophobes.

The 30-year-old was met with love from fans when he tweeted a video that he officiated his queer sister’s wedding last month (23 June).

But in reaction to, the boxer alleged, 100 people unfollowing him since the video, Ogogo had one thing and one thing only to say to them.

What happened?

Ogogo, during a sun-splashed and rather emotional ceremony, officiated the marriage of his sister, Joanne, and her partner.

After enjoying one of the ‘proudest moments’ of his life, the Olympic medal winner was disappointed to see a small number of Twitter users slamming the union. While others hit the unfollow button.

‘I’ve lost 100 followers since posting a video of me marrying my sister to her WIFE a couple of hours ago,’ he Tweeted.

‘It seems a tiny percentage of my followers were homophobes, to those iniquitous divs I say 🖕🏽.

‘I don’t want you mob following me anyway,’ he finished.

‘A shame these views exist’

Ogogo, who hails from Lowestoft, a small town on the North Sea coast of England, was interviewed by a local paper, The Lowestoft Journal, where he spoke about how ‘saddening’ it is to see homophobia.

‘We are in the year 2019,’ he said, ‘and some people still have these bigoted opinions.

‘Somebody replied saying it’s an “abomination;” others were saying it is not right.

‘Sometimes Twitter seems like it’s full of horrible people spouting their opinions simply because they can. They’re just keyboard warriors and personally I just feel sorry for them.

‘My focus has been on the positive side of things. Since the wedding I’ve had hundreds, maybe thousands of people messaging me saying positive things – way more than those saying horrible things.’

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