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Anti-gay bishop calls on Christians to ‘steal back the rainbow’

Maryland pastor is convinced gay rights advocates recruit young people 'like in the time of Hitler'

Anti-gay bishop calls on Christians to ‘steal back the rainbow’

An anti-gay bishop is calling on conservative Christians to unite against gay rights in a new ‘rainbow coalition’.

Speaking at right-wing radio host’s Glenn Beck’s Under God Indivisible Conference in Texas, Harry Jackson said religious leaders must ‘steal back the rainbow, we can’t let the gays have it.’

In video acquired by Right Wing Watch on Thursday (2 August), the Maryland pastor said: ‘If marriage is redefined, then the family is redefined, who has children and how that operates is redefined, if the family is redefined then education is redefined.

‘That’s how you ‘Heather has two mommies’ being taught to 2nd graders and eight-year-old kids in Massachusetts and California, and folks who cannot reproduce want to recruit your kids.’

He added it would take a new ‘rainbow coalition’ to fight against gay rights, and ‘take back America in the name of the lord Jesus Christ.

Jackson then riled the crowd into repeating ‘yes we can’, an echo of gay rights advocate and US president Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign.

It is not the first time Jackson has made anti-gay sentiments before. In May, he said gay rights advocates ‘try to recruit’ young people ‘just like in the time of Hitler’.

Last year, Jackson also said gay marriage was part of a ‘satanic plot’ to destroy the family.

Jackson also believes abortion is morally wrong, and agrees with Pope Benedict XVI’s belief that condoms promote AIDS.

Check out the video here:

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