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Anti-gay blogger Roosh: Liking female butts is a ‘gateway’ to being gay

Anti-gay blogger Roosh: Liking female butts is a ‘gateway’ to being gay

Blogger Daryush 'Roosh' Valizadeh

Daryush ‘Roosh’ Valizadeh is a US-based male supremacist and self-styled pick-up artist.

Roosh heavily advocates for heteronormative values, where men are masculine and women are feminine. He also believes straight men are denied freedom of speech and he is a huge fan of President Donald Trump.

‘I officially declare myself a boob man,’ he said in a video, posted on Saturday (27 January). ‘I am now all about the boobs because being a butt man is just a gateway to homosexual activity.’

He then smugly took a sip of his coffee and continued: ‘I say no to the back hole. I’ve never done anal sex in my life – I swear.

‘[A] couple [of] girls have gently inquired if I wanted to [and] I said no way. I know what comes out of that hole – that back hole – because I have a back hole too.’

‘It’s gross. There’s doo doo there,’ he said.

He then continually referred to his penis as his ‘benis’ and said he doesn’t see why he would put it in an anus because it’s not clean.

‘Well, if I was watching anal sex porn all day, then maybe I would do it,’ he said. ‘But I don’t.’


The full 2 hour and 42 minute video featured a longer rant about butts.

‘There’s an obsession on butt,’ he said. ‘Just big gigantic butts. Jiggling butts. Butts in your face.’

‘It used to be a focus on the breasts. What life does the ass give? The ass is the contraption to evacuate fecal matter.

‘If I can sexualize the butt to you and then feed you free porn of anal sex, do you know what I’ve done? I have acclimatized you to homosexual sex,’ he said.

(Start watching from 1:18:05)

Roosh: Gay marriage is a ‘full frontal attack’ on straight men

This is not the first time Roosh has made headlines. He previously stated ‘rape should be legal on private property’.

In his books, he has admitted to raping drunk women. ‘It took four hours of foreplay and at least 30 repetitions of “No, Roosh, no” until she allowed my penis to enter her vagina. No means no, until it means yes,’ he wrote in one book.

Valizadeh has also repeatedly spoken out against LGBTI people.

‘The legalization of gay marriage is a full frontal attack on heterosexual men,’ he wrote in one article on his website.

‘The societal reorganization that is necessary to allow gay marriage automatically elevates homosexuals to a special class of citizenry. To hoist one class you must demote another, meaning that heterosexual men are by default the enemies and oppressors of homosexuals.’

He then added: ‘Young boys will be enthusiastically taught the superiority of homosexual lifestyles and the shameful privilege of heterosexuals, especially concerning the types of relationships that lead to nuclear, stable families.

‘In addition, straight men will be forced under the barrel of the state’s gun to pay taxes for the AIDS drugs of gays, their impulsive sex changes, their mental and medical treatments resulting from sleeping with hundreds of partners, and also the salaries of politicians that continue to vote against traditional family values and basic morality standards.

‘Your tax money already goes to Planned Parenthood and pharmaceutical companies to sterilize the female population so what’s a few more billion more to empower gays to continue their bathhouse behavior?’ he said.

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