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The anti-gay Christian who wants to be King of America

The anti-gay Christian who wants to be King of America

Darrell Trigg, author of Developing a More Effective Prayer Life: A Practical Approach, has declared his intentions to run for President of the United States of America.

He will run as an independent, but in the future will create the Christian Political Party. If you haven’t heard of him or his intentions, don’t feel bad. In terms of his real objective and vision, he is not actually running for President.

He really wants to be our King.

The monarchs of old saw their leadership ordained by God, their authority blessed and their decrees sacrosanct and immediately actionable.

Trigg states: ‘He has revealed himself to me spiritually, and in physical ways such as I have no doubt that this is his calling for me,’ and ‘I have no doubt that Christ has revealed himself to me, to be the next President of the United States of America… I know that it is his will for me to be the next President of the United States of America.’

(We will ignore the fact that numerous of the Republican candidates for President in the 2012 election declared themselves similarly divinely pre-destined. None of them, of course, won.)

The intriguing question about Trigg being President is not whether or not he would win (OK, that is a little bit of a question), it is whether he could actually do any of the things he intends in that job.

In order to succeed in his agenda, he would have to nullify state rights, disband Congress’s legislative ability, close down the judicial system, build a million more prisons, take over all school curriculums, and confiscate the media and all telecom providers. Oh yeah, and throw out the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Those are not in the President’s job description. Tripp would, therefore, need to be King. As he lays out his vision, he seems well aware that it is totalitarianism monarchy that he is after, and not a presidency.

He does not call upon presidential strategies, but instead, states: ‘If you study the history of the nation of Israel, when they had a king that honored God, and followed his commandments, he blessed them tremendously, however, if they had a king that dishonored God, and ignored his commandments, they were often defeated and taken as slaves.’

His intent is to therefore to enact three main goals which ‘are to bring honor and glory to God, to turn this nation back toward the Christian principles upon which it was founded [ignoring that it wasn’t], and to help lead millions to a closer relationship with God.’

Here is my letter to him:

Dear Mr Trigg,

My life today includes a wonderful family with my partner Jim, and our sons, whom I adopted through foster care. Their Christian birthparents were drug addicts and would have endangered my sons’ lives.

I am distressed a family such as mine would not be allowed at the societal table should you become the leader of the country. You have stated we would not be ‘recognized legally or any other way’. I am unclear exactly how gay people would be treated under your regime, but suspect you have something like Russia’s oppression of LGBTI people in mind. Franklin Graham has signaled support of such treatment, and you spoke very kindly of him in your speech.

It is for that reason, that I do not want you to lead my country. I do not believe my God would want you to run my life or the lives of my children, or of other families like ours. I do not doubt that you have been lead on the path of running, but I do not that is because God intends for you to win. I would suggest his intentions for you, as they appear to be for most of the rest of us, are to learn something.

One thing God may intend for you to learn more about is the issue of suicide. You declared it as our fourth largest killer in the country and used it as your rationale and call to action to end our collective misery. I have good news for you. It is not the fourth largest killer after all, it is 10th and makes up only 1.3% of all deaths.

You bring up an interesting point, however. Do you know who is at greatest risk of suicide? Bullied LGBT teens. Do you know what would make them even more maligned and bullied than they are already? The draconian horrific homophobic shunning that you propose.

One such suicide attempt was a few months ago. An 11 year old boy named Michael had been taunted incessantly over his affection for My Little Pony. Michael also had great affection for the Bible which he also carried. Because he was carrying a pink pony people, inflicted with the same homophobia you have integrated into your campaign plank, decided he was ‘gay’. Seeing his love for Jesus, I also fear they likely tried to convince him that God did not love him anymore, again, as you are attempting to communicate to all LGBTI Americans.

Michael tried to hang himself. While he did not succeed, his road to normalcy is long and difficult. His parents have stepped up, not to shun everything perceived to be gay, but to fight against the bullying culture, one that would flourish with you as leader of our country.

My son Jesse, who is also 11, caught a glimpse of Michael on my computer screen. He immediately needed to hear Michael’s story and understand. We talked and I put him to bed. A while later, he was up again, very disturbed and worried about Michael. Like you, the worry of suicide harming the innocent concerned him. His solution went in a different direction than yours however.

‘I want to send him my Butterfly,’ Jesse declared. Butterfly is the stuffed animal that Jesse has slept since infancy. It is the toy that he loves over all others. ‘I want him to know it is OK to love something and he should not be bullied over it. The love I put into Butterfly will protect him.’

I hugged Jesse and told him that we would pray out that love and strength to Michael instead. We sat quietly and prayed for Michael, then I kissed my young man goodnight, and he went to bed again.

Mr Trigg, you have wished for peace, joy, happiness, contentment, and courage for Americans. You feel that only by believing in the dogma of God as you understand it, is it possible for people you do not know to attain those benefits.

That dogma is not truth, however. It hurts people, robs them of the freedom this country was based on, inhibits them from seeking spiritual solace and contributes to the drive for the vulnerable to choose to kill themselves. In short, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

While Jesse also believes in God, he understands something that you do not. It is not the belief in God that affects all those things. It is the full essence of what God is that creates those things. The Bible declares ‘God is love’. Love, not God, is the point.

Atheists know love. People of other religions know love. LGBTI families across our country know love. They do not need the graven image of the Bible to be told how to love, and what is moral.

My son Jesse knows how to love a friend he has never met. You only seem to know how to loathe families of whom you are ignorant.
Right now, regarding who is more qualified to run our country, you, or my 11-year-old son, I would have to go with him.

But, I’m not going to let him run for President. It is past his bedtime. You should not run either. God will understand.