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Anti-gay Christians sue Texas library over drag queens reading books to kids

Anti-gay Christians sue Texas library over drag queens reading books to kids

Drag queen reading a book to a library

A group of anti-gay Christians are suing a Texas library over drag queens reading books to children.

Known as Christ Followers, the group argue taxpayer dollars should not fund the Drag Queen Story Time event at the Freed-Montrose Neighborhood library in Houston.

They claim it’s unfair because the library will not also host a ‘man-woman marriage storytelling hour,’ reports the Houston Chronicle.

RADAR Productions has been staging the Drag Queen Story Hour at the library for two years now.

But listed as defendants for the lawsuit are the library director and Mayor Sylvester Turner.

Group has anti-gay past

The group filed the lawsuit against the Texas library on Friday (19 October), when they also rallied outside the federal courthouse.

Christ Followers also opposed marriage equality, as well as motions to lift bans on trans people using gendered bathrooms they self-identify with.

One of the members of the group is anti-gay activist Chris Sevier. He tried to do the exact same thing at a Louisiana library last month too.

Sevier previously also filed a lawsuit to be able to marry his laptop. His logic is that same-sex marriage is as unnatural as marrying a machine or an animal.

He’s previously said: ‘The state is not doing anyone any favors by encouraging people to live that [gay] lifestyle.’

Sevier also previously co-wrote a bill in South Carolina calling for all same-sex marriages to become ‘parody marriages’.

He claims LGBTI people are all members of a secret shadow religion – Secular Humanism.

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