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Anti-gay 'culture of death' party slammed in Philippines

LGBT political party Ladlad fears homophobic Ang Prolife group will 'oppress' marginalized Filipinos if elected as party list

Anti-gay 'culture of death' party slammed in Philippines

The world’s allegedly only LGBT political party from the Philippines has slammed an anti-gay Catholic group’s election bid after claiming homosexuals are part of a ‘culture of death’.

The Ang Prolife party filed for accreditation to run as a party list candidate in next year’s mid-term elections, stating their opposition to abortion, euthanasia and LGBT culture, which they claim destroys and undermines life and family values.

However, LGBT party Ang Ladlad, which is also hoping to win seats in 2013 and whose name means ‘coming out’, will file a counter-petition against the right-wing extremists tomorrow (20 June).

In a statement signed by more than 15 Filipino activists, Ladlad wrote: ‘LGBTs do not, in any way, promote death or the destruction of the family.

‘We celebrate life and love. We are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers. We are evidently also functional members of society.’

The party, which was established in 2003 and fights for equal rights among all Filipinos, adds that if elected the Prolife party will ‘oppress’ marginalized sectors of society.

Ladlad also fears the group will be used as a political tool by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) to impose its religious agenda on the state.

We demand equal treatment and for the same human rights that non-LGBT persons enjoy to be given to us,’ Ladlad added.

‘We cannot allow a religiously-driven political party-list to exist and keep us from our rights and reduce our humanity.’

In the 2007 and 2010 elections, the Comelec commission on elections denied Ladlad’s registration for party list — for insufficient membership and being ‘immoral’, respectively.

But the supreme court in 2010 consequently allowed them to join elections.

The Ladlad leaders are confident of securing at least two seats in the House with the help of the estimated 4-million LGBT community.

It needs at least 1.5 million votes to secure at least one seat, but failing that, the party will be delisted as a party-list group in accordance with the election law.

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