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Anti-gay French politician accidentally votes in favor of gay marriage

Henri Guaino, who has written a book condemning same-sex marriage, has admitted to pressing the wrong button

Anti-gay French politician accidentally votes in favor of gay marriage

One of the strongest opponents to equal marriage in France has admitted to ‘accidentally’ voting for the bill.

Henri Guaino, from opposition party UMP, voted for the bill on Tuesday in the final vote on the ‘Marriage for All’ bill.

He has been extremely outspoken regarding the bill, with him writing a book calling for a referendum on gay marriage.

Guaino was not alone in making the mistake, as other anti-gay politicians Luc Chatel, the former Education Minister, Alain Christian and Marianne Dubois also voted for the bill. No pro-gay MPs made a mistake in the final vote.

Speaking to The Lab, Guaino said: ‘You saw the mess that was? I’ve never seen such a mess in the Assembly!

‘There were three buttons flashing, and yes, I pressed the wrong button! I went to the services of the Assembly to correct my vote.’

When it was spotted, it did not take long for MPs on the Socialist side of the bench to mock him for wasting his vote.

One deputy Colette Capdevielle suggested Guaino change him name to ‘Gay-Oui’, as in Gay-Yes.

‘Even Guaino voted for gay marriage,’ Daniel Goldberg said. ‘Unconscious remorse?’

The National Assembly passed the bill by 331 members of parliament to 225, sending it to President François Hollande to sign into law.

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