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Anti-gay Georgian opera star cancels gay rights charity concert

Anti-gay Georgian opera star cancels gay rights charity concert

Georgian opera star Tamar Iveri, who described Pride as for the ‘fecal masses’, has cancelled her apology performance to the LGBTI community planned for today (11 October).

Earlier this year, the singer was dropped from a performance at Opera Australia after a homophobic rant appeared on her official Facebook page.

The rant praised Georgians for spitting at a LGBTI Pride parade and compared gay rights advances to cancer.

The post also appeared to advocate violence in some cases to stop the advance of LGBTI equality, stating, ‘In certain cases, it is necessary to break jaws in order to be appreciated as a nation in the future.’

Iveri blamed her husband when the comments first came to light, saying he had edited and added to her words before posting them to Facebook.  Eventually, Iveri  agreed to be released from her contract with Opera Australia.

In an attempt to salvage her reputation, Iveri announced she would perform a gay rights charity concert in Tbilisi on Coming Out Day.

But the head of Identoba, Irakli Vacharidze, said the concert would have to be postponed until December.

He said Iveri has just given birth to twins and would no longer be able to perform this evening.