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Anti-gay hate overshadows Ghana elections

Anti-gay hate campaigns muddies Ghana's presidential and parliamentary elections

Anti-gay hate overshadows Ghana elections

Anti gay hate campaigns may have influenced the outcome of Ghana´s presidential and parliamentary elections.

Counting is still under way following yesterday´s (8 December) elections to Ghana´s president and parliament.

Polls indicate a tight race between the current ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Campaigns by NPP supporters have been riddled with anti-gay rhetoric and rants, alleging the outgoing government was soft on homosexuality which said to be western ´imported´ ´disease´ that threatens to infect the country.

Campaigners also demanded that plans by the NDC to introduce school sex education must exclude teachings about homosexuality as it will lead to AIDS infections and moral decay of society.

Ghana´s main Christian and Muslim religious leaders demanded that any government will ´not legalize same sex marriages or recognize same sex relationships´, which they deemed as an ´evil´ and ´danger´ ´threatening´the country.

They further called upon politicians to engage with ´the church and other partners that believe in the Ghanaian and Christian value system which does not countenance homosexuality´.

In a feature article, leading Human and LGBT rights campaigner from Ghana critically responded to such anti-gay hate campaigns, liking them to the treatment of gays by the Nazis.

The Constitution Review Commission (CRC) of Ghana has recommended earlier this year that the country’s Supreme Court should rule on whether the country should legalize same-sex acts.  

The suggestion was adopted by the country’s government outgoing government controlled by the NDC.

Under Ghanaian law, male same-sex sexual activity is illegal. Gay men can also be punished under provisions concerning assault and rape. 

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