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Anti-gay jeers ‘just part of the game’ say New Zealand rugby fans

Anti-gay jeers ‘just part of the game’ say New Zealand rugby fans

A woman who complained about anti-gay jeers at a national rugby game in New Zealand was told by fans that ‘it’s just part of the game’.

Then when the New Zealand Herald asked the management of the Eden Park stadium what they were going to do about the incident at the game against France last Saturday, they said it wasn’t their job to be the ‘PC police’.

‘In my opinion, marriage equality was the first step… as long as that kind of language is still used, tolerated and condoned then we’ve got a long way to go before any equality,’ said Hannah Spyksma, 24, the woman who complained about the verbal abuse, to the Herald.

Spyksma, who is a Rainbow Youth board member and has a girlfriend, told three All-Blacks fans to stop shouting ‘homes and faggots’. She says they responded saying ‘if you don’t like us using the word faggot then don’t come to the footy because it’s just part of the game’.

After Spyksma yelled back to the fans, they started directing slurs at her. She was disappointed that no-one in the crowd defended her.

‘Since when is it okay for three men to so blatantly hate on a girl in front of a crowd and get away with it?’ Spyksma said.

Eden Park spokesperson Tracy Morgan told the Herald harassment of a ticket-holder was not acceptable, but ‘it’s not our job – I don’t believe – to try to move the cultural morals of society’.