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Anti-gay marriage protest goes up in smoke

A hilarious video claims to show a right-wing homophobe in US setting fire to a box of Cheerios in disgust at cereal company's pro-gay marriage stance

Anti-gay marriage protest goes up in smoke

Same-sex marriage is an issue lighting a fire in the hearts of many people, but for one anti-gay protester in the US it’s an issue which is just too hot to handle.

A YouTube video shows an unnamed man staging a lone protest outside the headquarters of pro-gay marriage cereal company General Mills in Minnesota.

‘One out of every eight boxes of cereal in this country is Cheerios. This is really the treat now for the homosexuals,’ the homophobic picketer exclaims.

‘This is our protest of General Mills, because they’re advocating same-sex marriages. So we are gonna torch some cereal.’

However, his attempts to set the popular breakfast food on fire don’t quite go to plan when the box goes up in flames instead.

Throwing the box on the ground, the pink-shirted protester tries to tackle the blaze, stomping on the cereal fireball in vain.

While he may not have seen the funny side of his failed attempts to smite the Cheerios company, the camera crew can be heard laughing.

After several attempts to put out of the fire, the man shouts: ‘OK, get out of here, guys. Quick!’

The video has already got more than 150,000 hits and viewers have commented their pleasure at seeing an anti-gay protest backfire hilariously.

‘Bigotry and hate are always stoopid. I’m still chuckling. What a horse’s ass,’ posted a viewer with the username tatateeta.

Another called auntmaryg wrote: ‘It would have really been hilarious if his pants had caught on fire trying to stomp out the burning Cheerios.’

But some doubt the authenticity of the video, claiming it’s a spoof made by pro-gay marriage campaigners.

‘I’m fairly certain it wasn’t a real protest, either… The only ones there besides the fire-setter are the apparent two people behind the camera who laugh and run to the car. It’s pretty entertaining, though,’ atomkinder67 said.

While Jopa68 commented: ‘This was a pro gay marriage person trying to poke fun at people that believe in the traditional marriage of a man and woman. They do the same thing in the Tea Party rallies.’

To watch the video, click here.

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