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Anti-gay marriage protestors strip off to invade France

Anti-gay marriage protestors strip off to invade France

The world’s most homoerotic anti-gay marriage protestors are at it again – getting down to their trunks to invade France and ‘liberate’ a fellow activist.

The young, masked, muscled men – Les Hommen – are at war with France’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage.

And in a shambolic recreation of the D-Day landings, they storm their way onto the beach.

It’s lucky that, unlike the country’s true liberators in 1944, there are no machine gun emplacements firing at them. Because that would surely puncture their landing craft – an inflatable canoe.

And this time the ‘liberation’ doesn’t take place on the heavily fortified beaches of Normandy but on the holiday sands of Montpellier, on France’s Mediterranean coast.

A video uploaded on YouTube shows Les Hommen fighting their way through the waves only to find… absolutely no resistance.

Undeterred, they hold up a sign demanding France should ‘Free Nicolas’.

The 23-year-old they are referring to, whose last name has not been reported, is in jail after taking part in a protest against same-sex marriage equality on 16 June.

He was arrested for picketing television channel M6 studios where President François Hollande was being interviewed.

Police say he resisted arrest, refused to give a DNA sample and was a security risk.

On 20 June he was sentenced to four months in jail and given a fine of €1,000 ($1,300) by a Paris court.

Les Hommen, inspired by the topless feminist group Femen but with very different politics, spiced up the anti-LGBT marriage protests in France with their shirtless protests earlier this year.

Despite the law being passed, they are continuing the fight and Nicolas is their latest cause.

A group of them were also at the Tour de France bike race on Sunday (7 July) in the Pyrenees, running alongside the leading riders on a climb.

A Twitter report says: ‘They had on masks, and were shirtless with “Democracy is Dead” written on their torsos. They did not disrupt the riders except that they were noisy and obnoxious like the rest of the millions of people on the mountain.’

France passed the same-sex marriage in May and the first ceremony was in Montpellier, a cosmopolitan city with a small gay scene and large student population.

Watch Les Hommen’s beach protest here: