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Anti-gay pastor who said Pulse shooting was ‘deserved’ arrested for child molestation

Anti-gay pastor who said Pulse shooting was ‘deserved’ arrested for child molestation

Ken Adkins faces two charges of aggravated child molestation.

After the massacre of 49 people inside Pulse nightclub in June, Ken Adkins took to Twitter and wrote: ‘I don’t see none of them as victims. I see them as getting what they deserve.’

Now the controversial pastor is getting what law enforcement officials in Georgia say he deserves.

Adkins, 56, has been arrested in Georgia on two counts of child molestation after allegations made by a male from one of his churches was investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Kingsland office and the Brunswick Police Department.

The crimes are alleged to have occurred in 2010, according to

Adkins got attention this year not only for his tweet after the mass shooting in Orlando but also for his vigorous opposition to expanding the Human Rights Ordinance in Jacksonville, Florida, to include LGBTI people.

Adkins donned drag to demonstrate his argument that extending LGBTI protections would allow ‘men dressed as women’ to enter women’s restrooms.

He has said his post-Orlando shooting tweet was not directed at the victims themselves but made because he had ‘been through so much with these Jacksonville homosexuals.’

Adkins wife stands by her husband and believes he will be cleared of the charges.

Charlotte Stormy Adkins said the young man who came forward with the allegations is a part of the church ministry and had been mentored by the couple.

Adkins is being held at Glynn County jail since turning himself in earlier today.