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Anti-gay preacher says LGBTI people are ‘jealous about my life’

Anti-gay preacher says LGBTI people are ‘jealous about my life’

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An anti-gay preacher in New Zealand said protestors who planned a ‘big gay party’ outside one of his congregations were ‘jealous about my life’.

Brian Tamaki founded the Pentecostal fundamentalist Destiny Church and once blamed homosexuality for natural disasters.

Tamaki was due to speak at an event in Christchurch on Monday. But it was moved after protestors planned to throw ‘Queer Quake Mardi Gras’ outside.

His speech was supposed to be held at the Haeata Community Campus, but its board of directors pulled the plug after the planned protest ‘grew by the hour‘.

The Queer Quake Mardi Gras was organized by Josie Butler, who famously threw a dildo at an MP’s head last year. She ended up cancelling the protest because Tamaki’s event was moved to an unknown location.

‘The venue has cancelled on Brian, and I have still not heard if Brian has re-booked somewhere else,’ Butler wrote on Facebook.

‘Hopefully he was afraid that we would genuinely cause an earthquake, and has decided not to come!

‘This is also a great event to show the young minds maybe attending Brian’s talk that it is okay to be gay.’

Don’t be jealous of my homophobia

Tamaki said the protestors were only interested in him because they were ‘jealous about his life’.

‘They are incredibly jealous about my life. They want to party here not because of you, you’re innocent, it’s me. Why me? Because it knows that I’m going to tell you how to have the same things,’ he told the Christchurch congregation. 

Watch the video of his sermon below: