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Anti-gay pundit’s wife left him for another woman

Anti-gay pundit’s wife left him for another woman

Ever wonder why some politicians seem to blame LGBT people for everything from natural disasters to Game of Thrones?

Well, court records have emerged that may reveal why one Texan went from social conservative lobbyist to homophobic nutter.

Months before Jonathan Saenz became the president of anti-gay group Texas Values, his wife left him for another woman.

Since then, he has pushed an amendment to the 2014 Texas GOP platform endorsing the heavily dangerous and discredited practice of ‘gay cure’ therapy.

In interviews, Saenz has said same-sex marriage will ‘lead to polygamy’ and people ‘marrying their stepchildren’. He has also warned gay activists want to put Christians in ‘concentration camps’.

He married Corinne Saenz in 2002, and separated in July 2011. Corinne filed for divorce in August 2011, but it did not become final until two years later.

In her original petition for divorce, she alleged their marriage was ‘insupportable due to discord or conflict of personalities … that destroys the legitimate ends of marriage and prevents reasonable expectations of reconciliation.’

Lone Star Q reports that in the court records, it shows he sought to jail his ex-wife for failing to undergo an evaluation by a psychologist of his choosing – even though he refused to pay the psychologist’s $2500 (€1870) fee.

He also sought records of work schedules, trips, overnight trips and weekend work sessions of his ex-wife and girlfriend. He also sought their electronic correspondence.

The court, thankfully, refused.