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Anti-gay Russian lawmaker wants to ban Game of Thrones over ‘sexual deviancy’

Anti-gay Russian lawmaker wants to ban Game of Thrones over ‘sexual deviancy’

Vitaly Milonov, the notorious architect of Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ laws, has suggested the country should ban the cult TV series Game of Thrones.

In a letter to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, he proposed a ‘Concept for the Protection of the National Information Space’, according to the newspaper Izvestia. It would mean all cultural works would now be assessed by the government for their ‘quality’ – that is, their ‘correspondence to traditional values’.

Others would be noted as ‘harmful’, one of the worst offenders being Game of Thrones. One in 10 characters on the show, Milonov said, is a ‘sexual deviant’ and ‘such works and their popularization introduce a new matrix to our minds, making us think that certain things and events are normal.’

The St Petersburg lawmaker said: ‘Television and the Internet have taken the main educative function, replacing and displacing traditional ways of education and upbringing of the younger generation.’

He added: ‘We must not operate eternal prohibitive measures. In the end, we can not withdraw from the web thousands of works, books, movies. But we can and must assign all of this content a sign of quality.’

However Victor Matizen, a prominent Russian film critic, has accused Milinov’s suggestions of being ‘a pure attempt to carry out censorship.’

Milonov is one of Russia’s most infamous opponents of gay rights. He has been instrumental in creating many anti-gay laws, and in the past has called for gay bars to be closed and social media to be shut down for LGBTI people. Earlier this month, he proposed a bill which would ban shirtless men or ‘unethical attire’ in public places.