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Anti-gay Russian neo-Nazi Machete flees Russia to escape extremism charges

Anti-gay Russian neo-Nazi Machete flees Russia to escape extremism charges

Maxim Martsinkevich, the founder of the homophobic ‘Occupy Pedophilia’ Russian movement entrapping young gay men and then humiliating them on film is on the run in Thailand after authorities deemed a recent video he made to humiliate an Iraqi foreign student to be racist.

In the video Martsinkevich, who goes by the nickname Machete, claims the Iraqi student believed he was meeting a 15-year-old boy for sex in an apartment in the Ukraine but instead he is confronted by Martsinkevich while taking a shower.

Martsinkevich shaves the man’s head down the middle and paints a rainbow on his scalp and a 6 pointed blue star on his chest.

He then produces a police baton and apparently then assaults the man as we hear his screams from off camera.

Ukrainian police began investigating the matter after concerned members of the Ukrainian Iraqi community came forward believing the student had been fooled into thinking he was meeting a girl and robbed.

However when they saw the video appearing to show the student thinking he was meeting a boy they distanced themselves from him, saying it would be better if he left the Ukraine.

The Ukraine outlaws sex with persons under 14, and also sexual acts with those under 16 where they are considered ‘debauched.’

Later the Russian Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology examined the video and found it to have ‘elements of racial and ethnic enmity and hatred’ which they believed breached Russia’s laws against ‘extremism.’

Police recently searched the apartment Martsinkevich shares with his parents, and Martsinkevich posted a photo of himself online Sunday relaxing on a Thai beach.

Martsinkevich, considered a neo-Nazi by many, has been charged under Russia’s extremism laws twice before, spending 3 years in jail over chanting ‘Sieg Heil,’ during a political debate and a mock execution he held for an ethnic Central Asian man he had accused of selling drugs while wearing a Ku Klux Klan uniform.

The video follows on another by the Belgorod chapter of Occupy Pedophilia in which a black South African was made to lick a watermelon before having it smashed in his face.

It is unknown if race-related extremism charges will be laid over that video as well.