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Homophobe broke into a church to spray paint slur on gay employee’s office

Homophobe broke into a church to spray paint slur on gay employee’s office

Church anti-gay slur catholic

A homophobe broke into St. John The Evangelist Catholic Church and spray painted a slur on a gay employee’s office.

The LGBTI-friendly church in San Diego has been targeted multiple times. Openly gay Pastoral Associate, Aaron Bianco, is often the target, and keeps a record of all the hate mail he receives.

He and Bishop Robert McElroy have also been the subject of articles claiming they are corrupting the church at both the parish and diocesan levels.

Yet the hate escalated as the homophobes broke into the church and spray-painted an anti-gay slur on his office wall.

A safety concern

Bianco told NBC San Diego: ‘I had to step back and kind of get my breath. Just the thought that people are so hateful today.’

He added: ‘Jesus was always welcoming and even if you believe someone is sinful, Jesus was still sitting with them, eating with them and having a conversation with them.

‘There was never hate involved.’

The fact it was inside the church has left him shaken, rattling his sense of safety.

Bianco said that he considered quitting his job, but decided not to let the hate win out.

The hate has escalated

The Pastoral Associate also claimed the attacks have renewed since the Pennsylvania grand jury report detailed the charges of child sex abuse against priests.

The community are blaming LGBTI people for the crimes.

The 900 page report, released on 15 August 2018, implicated 300 priests committing ‘criminal and/or morally reprehensible conduct’.

The findings date back 80 years.

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