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Anti-gay Twitter hashtag hijacked by ‘Gaystapo’

Anti-gay Twitter hashtag hijacked by ‘Gaystapo’

The tables have been turned on an anti-gay Twitter account after users hijacked its hashtag #LGBTfacts.

The hashtag was created by the America-based Twitter profile @LGBTfacts, which claims to spread 'the truth about the abhorrent homosexual lifestyle.'

LGBTfacts have posted over 70 discriminatory tweets which liken gay people to Nazis, claim that gay people 'indoctrinate young children' at Disneyland and that homosexuality should be 'illegal everywhere'.

However, following a post in which LGBTfacts asked other users to provide them with LGBT facts for them to re-tweet, they didn't quite get the answers they hoped for.

Twitter used l_c_black offered this humorous fact: 'When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, 1 in 4 LGBT people turn into were-unicorns at night. #LGBTfacts'

While Rikoshi tweeted: 'Lady Gaga can summon and control homosexuals similar to how Aquaman can summon and control sea creatures. #LGBTfacts'

Bex Bellingham amusingly replied with: '#LGBTfacts Lesbians are awarded a Black and Decker power tool by @TheEllenShow for every 5 straight women they convert.'

Following these responses, LGBTfacts accused the Twitter users of hacking their hashtag: 'The Gaystapo's hijack of our #LGBTfacts hashtag shows not only immaturity but a penchant for hating real facts

'Pro-homosexual activists claim our truth speech is "hate speech". Since we give facts about them, that means they hate themselves #LGBTfacts'