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Anti-gay US Christian groups 'colonizing' Africa

Report accuses evangelical religious organizations from the US of 'fanning the flames' of homophobia in African countries

Anti-gay US Christian groups 'colonizing' Africa

US evangelical Christian groups have been accused of a ‘cultural colonisation’ of Africa by opening offices in countries to promote anti-gay attacks.

Extremist religious groups from America are ‘aggresively targeting’ the continent by supporting homophobic laws and policies, according to a report by left-wing think tank Political Research Associates (PRA), reported The Guardian.

The report singles out groups including the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), founded by the televangelist Pat Robertson, Catholic group Human Life International and Family Watch International.

‘The religious right [in effect] claims that human rights activists are neocolonialists out to destroy Africa,’ says the Colonising African Values: How the US Christian Right is Transforming Sexual Politics in Africa report.

It claims that the groups ‘frame their agendas as authentically African, in an effort to brand human rights advocacy as a new colonialism bent on destroying cultural traditions and values.’

The report calls the organizations ‘a loose network of rightwing charismatic Christians’ which are ‘fanning the flames of the culture wars over homosexuality and abortion by backing prominent African campaigners and political leaders.’

Groups mentioned in the report have denied these claims.

Executive director of Sexual Minorities Uganda, Frank Mugisha, said he is ‘grateful’ for the report.

He said it ‘confirms that it is homophobia (not homosexuality) that is exported from the west.’

‘I hope this report serves as a wakeup call for faith communities in Uganda and the west alike to realise that the American culture wars imposed on us by the Christian right threaten not only African culture, but the very lives of LGBTI Africans like me.’

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