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Anti-gay vandalism discovered at Kansas State University

Anti-gay vandalism discovered at Kansas State University

Aerial view of Kansas State University

An anti-gay slur was found written on a stone pillar outside the Kansas State University student union just a few days after a Jewish religious symbol on campus was also vandalized.

The slur, which read ‘God hates f**,’ was found Monday (9 October). It seems to have been written with charcoal or black chalk.

The Kansas State Collegian reported the writing was removed by student union custodians that afternoon.

Brandon Haddock, coordinator for university’s LGBT Resource Center, told the campus newspaper he considered leaving the slur there.

‘Leaving it up, everyone has the opportunity to see it,’ Haddock said. ‘It’s going to draw attention. There will be posts made about it on Facebook, on Instagram, on all social media, (but) that is just as damaging to someone who sees it.’

‘Knowing that is was there is one thing,’ Haddock added. ‘Seeing and being subjected to it is very visceral in that it could be a trigger for anxiety.’

Located in Manhattan, Kansas, the university has an enrollment of almost 25,000 students.

Pat Bosco, dean of students and vice president for student life, said video cameras cover some campus locations. He hopes they can be used to catch the culprit.

“I am incredibly embarrassed and sad we are having to spend time and energy on any kind of message on our campus that is hateful and disgusting,” Bosco said. “I can only imagine the pain those words have on my students and members of our university community.”

In September, white supremacist fliers were found on campus. And in May, a noose was found hanging from a campus tree.