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Anti-LGBT+ Republican says Buttigieg is used to being groped by men like Biden

Anti-LGBT+ Republican says Buttigieg is used to being groped by men like Biden

  • State senator’s comment ‘sends a horrible message to LGBTQ youth’.
Joe Biden holds Pete Buttigieg's shoulders.

LGBT+ advocates are slamming a Republican state senator who endorsed a homophobic meme of Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden.

Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend Indiana, has now dropped out of the presidential race. His decision follows a historic run as the first openly gay candidate for the Democratic nomination.

And he gave his endorsement to former Vice President Joe Biden, now the narrow frontrunner to win the nomination.

During Buttigieg’s speech, Biden rubbed his shoulders. And in a heartfelt acceptance, Biden praised Buttigieg and likened him to his late son Beau.

But a homophobic meme of the moment started making the rounds on Facebook. It shows Biden standing behind Buttigieg with captions saying ‘oh shit’, ‘oh god’ and ‘oh no’.

And Indiana state senator Mike Young left a comment under the meme. In the comment, now deleted, he implied Buttigieg is a bottom and used to sexual advances.

Young wrote: ‘He’s used to it.’

Crude meme about Biden and Buttigieg.
The crude meme with Mike Young’s comment. Twitter

‘Hoosiers are fed up with homophobia’

But it seems to reflect Young’s long-held anti-LGBT+ views.

In 2012 Young and 20 Indiana state senators asked the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles to stop issuing specialty license plates that support Indianapolis Youth Group, an LGBT+ youth organization.

Christian conservatives had accused the organization of promoting ‘gay sex among young children without parental consent’.

In addition, in 2016 he supported a bill that would have expanded religious exemptions in the state. At the time Mike Pence, now Vice President, was governor.  And he refused to say the bill wouldn’t legalize LGBT+ discrimiantion.

Now Indiana LGBTQ activist Drew Anderson has accused Young of ‘homophobic slander’. Moreover he has asked Young and the Indiana Republican party to apologize.

And out Indianapolis City Councillor Ali Brown also called on Young to apologize.

Brown tweeted: ‘Hoosiers are fed up with homophobia in their state, especially in Marion County. What’s worse, it sends a horrible message to LGBTQ youth.’

Young’s challenger for his Indiana State Senate seat, Pete Cowden, also branded his comment as ‘very disturbing’.

And he added: ‘I find his words to be unacceptable. We deserve a senator who will focus more on improving opportunities for Hoosiers and less on their personal relationships.’

Meanwhile Ethan Evans, Indianapolis City-County Councilor and LGBTQ Caucus Member added:

‘Homophobia has no place in Indiana or Marion County, and Mike Young and @INSenateGOP should apologize for this now. We lawmakers need to be examples uplifting our LGBTQ youth, and this sends a terrible message to them.’