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WATCH: Anti-LGBTI hate group kicks off event with bizarre interpretive rainbow flag dance

WATCH: Anti-LGBTI hate group kicks off event with bizarre interpretive rainbow flag dance

A homophobic hate group decided to kick off its anti-LGBTI event targeted at teenagers a little differently than you might expect.

MassResistance, a hate group that published a 600-page book on the so-called Hazards of Homosexuality, didn’t start with a sermon or prayers:

It started with an interpretive rainbow dance.

It began with a bizarre interpretive rainbow flag dance

On 17 November at the Teens4Truth Conference: Countering the LGBT Agenda in Fort Worth, Texas, MassResistance member Derek Paul got up to the stage with two rainbow flags.

And then he did a dance, twirling the flags around, to Christian musician Matthew West’s The List.

Watch the video, via Media Matters for America, here:

Weekend targeted to teens dedicated to attacking LGBTI people

The conference, which went over the weekend, was a never-ending attack on LGBTI people.

Featuring talks like ‘What Does the Bible Really Say about LGBT Issues?’, ‘Is Healing and Change in Sexuality & Gender Identity Possible?’ and ‘Using Digital Activism to Break the Radical LGBT Agenda’, teens were invited to be the ‘next generation’ of conservative voices in America.

It boasted: ‘Are you tired of being defenseless against the liberal LGBT agenda?

‘Do you find yourself at a loss for words when someone attacks your beliefs?

‘Would you like to learn how to fight the LGBT Agenda like a pro?

‘Attend the Teens4Truth Conference in Fort Worth Texas and have an abundance of tools at your disposal!’

‘Families will understand the lies they’ve been told’

It claimed the conference was in response to the ‘oppressive and psychologically intrusive’ programs to help further LGBTI equality.

‘Families will understand the lies they’ve been told and the psychological manipulation and intimidation taking place to advance the LGBT agenda,’ they wrote.

‘They will be equipped with tools to fight back, how to overcome their fears, the significant importance of telling the truth, and how to inspire change in their church and school.’

But what did people think of the rainbow flag dance?

But while we’re not sure what the kids in the audience thought of the rainbow dance, we know what the viewers on YouTube thought.

This is the gayest thing I have ever seen,’ one said.

Another said: ‘I think he may have just come out of the closet.’

And another added: ‘Christians are just fucking weird.’