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Anti-LGBTI lobbyist labelled a ‘security concern’ by Missouri statehouse

Anti-LGBTI lobbyist labelled a ‘security concern’ by Missouri statehouse

Chris Sevier anti lgbti lobbyist security concern

Anti-LGBTI lobbyist Chris Sevier has been labelled a ‘security threat’ by the Missouri statehouse.

Sevier has been aggressively pushing for anti-porn and anti-LGBTI legislation across the country. He is behind six different bills in the Kansas House. Most recently, he’s behind a bill that calls same-sex marriage a ‘parody’.

However, his lobbying in Missouri has caused officials to label him a ‘concern’.

In an email sent out Thursday (21 February), Missouri Senate Administrator Patrick Baker said two Senate offices and the House of Representatives reported uncomfortable meetings with Sevier, a former lawyer.

‘Better safe than sorry’ 

According to the Kansas City Star, the email reads: ‘While the individual has not threatened anyone in the building, staff have described these interactions as jittery and/or suspicious.

‘Please remember at any time if you find yourself in a situation which you feel uncomfortable or threatened, in the least, please take immediate steps to notify Capitol Police.’

The lawmakers claim Sevier introduced himself as someone from the ‘defacto attorney general’s office’ while wearing a suit tucked into combat boots.

The Kansas Highway Patrol said they are aware of Sevier. A spokesperson told the star: ‘At this point, we have had no contact with the subject on one occasion, but he was not causing any issues or disturbances at the statehouse.’

Sevier was deemed mentally unfit to practice law in 2011. Since then, he’s consistently tried to oppose LGBTI rights across the US. He tried to marry his laptop in several states and sued Apple for a porn addiction he claims ruined his marriage.

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