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Anti-LGBTI North Carolina law drives over 700 jobs away

Anti-LGBTI North Carolina law drives over 700 jobs away

Former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory

Newly obtained emails from the North Carolina Commerce Department points to the anti-LGBTI laws in Charlotte as the reason for a back off from investment in North Carolina.

The emails outline a plan to move the proposed 700 job venture by CoStar from Charlotte in North Carolina to Richmond in Virginia.

Jeff Edge, a Charlotte Chamber of Commerce official, wrote an email that cites CoStar was ‘broadsided with their pushback over the HB2 issue in Charlotte.’

‘Heaven knows how many deals we’ve been crossed off the list and didn’t know we were even being considered for since March,’ he said.

Another email from Garrett Wyckoff, senior manager of business recruitment for the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, said: ‘It is my understanding that we lost the project. I have selected the following reason for this status change: Local issues,’ reported the Charlotte Observer.

Wyckoff added: ‘Spring 2016 Legislation.’

The Business Insider reports an estimated $400 million total loss of investments since the HB2 law was implemented in March.

The laws force trans people to use bathrooms that match the gender on their birth certificate and have been widely condemned.

Since the laws came into effect, numerous musical acts and artists canceled gigs in North Carolina, including Bruce Springsteen Maroon 5, Pearl Jam, Ringo Starr, Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, and Itzhak Perlman.

The NCAA also pulled championship basketball games from North Carolina.