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Love loses as anti-LGBTI Republican concedes election in Utah

Love loses as anti-LGBTI Republican concedes election in Utah

Mia Love, a Rep. in Utah, conceded her midterm election race

Another midterm election race has come to an end.

Mia Love, the Republican candidate for Utah’s 4th congressional district, conceded to her Democratic opponent, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams on Monday (26 November).

The extra seat gives Democrats an even larger majority after they took back control of the House of Represenatives earlier this month.

McAdams’ win also ensures one less anti-LGBTI voice in Congress.

Love, a Haitian American, has been in politics since 2010 when she was elected mayor of Saratoga Springs. Four years later, she became the first black Republican woman elected to Congress when she won the 4th congressional district seat.

She was re-elected in 2016, before losing the seat this year..Throughout her political career, Love has been consistently against LGBTI rights.

She opposes marriage equality and supports faith-based opposition to same-sex marriage, as in the case of the Colorado baker. On her website, she has no section about civil rights.

During the election, she reportedly sent out a fundraising email criticizing McAdams as a ‘closet liberal’. An example she gave was his support of marriage equality.

She is also pro-life and opposes taxpayer funded abortions.

No love for Trump

After the midterm elections, Trump made comments about Republican candidates who did not work closely with him and lost. He mentioned Love in his comments.

Love said she was ‘disappointed’ with his words but now has a ‘clear vision of his world as it is’.

She also continued to stand by her conservative ideals, stating in her concession speech: ‘Minority communities need to ask themselves a question also, at what cost? What is the cost of staying with the Democrat Party that perpetually delivers exactly what you need to stay exactly where you are?

‘I am a Republican, I know conservative policies work, they lift everyone, they lift the poor, the young, the vulnerable, the black and the white. Our conservative policies save our young and unborn children.’

She further said that with conservative policies ‘we all have a chance’.

McAdams tweeted about her concession and thanked her for her service.

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